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Bonaire Salt
What would life be without salt?

The idea is unthinkable; salt is crucial to life and, since time immemorial, it has been linked to the history and development of humanity. Salt was first used for food and the preservation of food.
Then, we discovered salt had other properties. It was not until the industrial revolution that the use of salt underwent a major expansion, firstly, in the chemical and processing industries, then for the de-icing of roads and, finally, for water softening.
The origin of salt
Salt is the common name given to Sodium Chloride (NaCl), a chemical compound. Salt is extracted from underground deposits or sea water. Bonaire Salt is from the pristine Caribbean Sea.
The agriculture method for sea salt

Water from the sea circulates either by simply gravity or using pumps and flows through successive man made ponds. The water flows a long way before it arrives at the salt beds where it has now taken the form of saturated brine produced by natural evaporation by sun and wind. The salt then crystallizes in the salt beds or crystallizers and ready for harvesting.
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